Power Pin – The German “Camper Bus”



Regarding the motif:

Great VW Camper Bus in its very own cardboard garage

The German Autobahn and fast cars – a match made in heaven? In fact not all Germans are speed-junkies – some of us actually prefer cruising leisurely along the picturesque landscape of rural Germany.

Two power magnets fix this Power Pin to your fridge, or your clothing, or your memo board – no driving licence required!

German Flower Power
This Camper bus has found many friends and admirers in Germany and all around the world because it is also an expression of a lifestyle not dominated by the humdrum of urban life. During the hippie era it aquired a reputation as the “love and peace” van.
Let this little van charm you and your friends – it does not need a large garage, fuel or maintenance – it can park anywhere in your house and – thanks to its two neodymium power magnets – on your clothing, on your fridge, your memo board, or even on your shirt.
What makes this world-famous German van so unique? Read the whole story on the leaflet contained in the cardbox “garage” of this very special Camper bus.

Product information:

The German Export Box contains one power-pin with two power magnets (one on the steal plate, one for fixing the pin to your clothing) and is gift-boxed in an attractive cardboard box containing a leaflet telling the story of the product of your choice. It can easlily be fastened to your fridge or your T‑shirt, sweater, etc.

Delivery contents:

  • Chic and creative pin (printed on a stamped stainless steel plate coated with a synthetic resin)
  • Original gift presentation from the German Export Box
  • Inlay featuring the German “Camper Bus” story
  • two strong power magnets
  • Dimensions: 40 x 25 mm
  • Made in Germany



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