“Sausage Dog”

Adorable sausage dog in especially charming packaging

This amazing sausage dog dressed in a pink pullover comes to your home in a very robust cardboard doghouse, ready to adorn your fridge or your clothing – without leaving any dog hairs behind. Absolutely non-allergenic!

What we think

We Germans are a lively and inventive bunch, and we do have a sense of humour! Of course we also like drinking beer, a few of us dance around in lederhosen, and we like to reserve sun-loungers next to the pool by laying out our bathing towels on them. But we have worked hard at ourselves and finally realised that tennis socks in sandals are absolutely uncool. Our image as Germans seems to have changed somewhere along the line between the reunification of Germany and the era of Merkel’s chancellorship – meanwhile our international guests travel to Germany voluntarily, only to be turned away by a burly bouncer at Berlin’s exclusive techo nightclub “Berghain”.

So it’s time to see Germany through fresh eyes! And witness the birth of the German Export Box: each colourful power pin draws on a particular German cliché, tells the underlying story, is particularly cool as a fridge magnet (pun intended), can be attractively pinned to your clothing AND can be securely fixed to anyplace magnets stick. Ideal as a present to others – or to yourself!

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You can set your cockoo clock by us being on time at the fair to have a beer.